JADT 2022. Appendix I

Appendix I

LabelTree function extracts the hierarchical characteristic words associated to the nodes of a hierarchical tree; the characteristic words
of each node are extracted, then each word is associated to the node that it best characterizes,



$1.Su79 2.CS81 3.Gz82 4.Gz86 5.Gz89 6.Gz93 7.Az96 8.Az00 9.Zp04 10.Zp08 11.Rj11


$12.Sa16 13.Rj16 14.Rj16 15.Sa19 16.Sa20


$1.Su79 2.CS81 3.Gz82 4.Gz86 5.Gz89


$12.Sa16 13.Rj16 14.Rj16


$6.Gz93 7.Az96 8.Az00 9.Zp04 10.Zp08 11.Rj11


$8.Az00 9.Zp04 10.Zp08 11.Rj11


$1.Su79 2.CS81 3.Gz82


$8.Az00 9.Zp04 10.Zp0


$6.Gz93 7.Az96


$15.Sa19 16.Sa20


$13.Rj16 14.Rj16


$8.Az00 9.Zp04


$4.Gz86 5.Gz89


$2.CS81 3.Gz82


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